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Why is It Important to Ask for a LinkedIn Recommendation? Check Оut 6 Perfect Opportunities to Seek One

In the professional world, trust is crucial. In today’s competitive landscape, demonstrating your capabilities and possessing specific skills and qualities are essential. However, proving these attributes at first glance can be challenging. That’s where feedback comes in – it builds trust and provides tangible proof of your abilities. Who wouldn’t desire such credibility to enhance …

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LinkedIn Has New Newsletter Tools for Enhanced Engagement and Impact On Personal Profiles and Business Pages

LinkedIn newsletters continue to be one of the most effective ways for professionals to share their expertise. By consistently publishing high-quality LinkedIn content, they can build trust, credibility, and create a sense of community among their followers. In the past year, the number of LinkedIn members publishing newsletters has increased by 59%, and engagement with these newsletters has risen by 47%. LinkedIn is launching new newsletter tools to improve user experience and engagement. Find out more about these updates in the article below!