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From Boring Explanation To Visual Representation: Diversify Your LinkedIn Content With Infographics

The human brain can process entire images that the eye sees for as little as 13 milliseconds, according to MIT neuroscientists. In order to maximize engagement, the visual component is essential when creating outstanding digital content. How well the text is combined with interesting photos and exciting visual content will nearly always determine how well …


LinkedLetter #83: Hiring Rate Updates, New Feature Store For Machine Learning, Promoting Role Models for Euro 22

The new hiring rate updates for the month of June are out – let’s observe them together. You’ll also learn about the professional platform open-sourcing Feathr – the feature store built to simplify machine learning feature management and improve developer productivity, as well as why role models appear important for Euro 22’s sponsorship campaign.   LinkedIn …


LinkedLetter #82: ‘Funny’ Reaction, New ‘Repost’ Option, Generational Impact on Advertising

New ‘funny’ emoji, simplified repost option and generations changing the advertising industry – you can learn all about these in our LinkedLetter. Let’s see whether humour suits the proffesional network, how can we support other users’ content and why retaining Gen Z talent is not straightforward. The funny reaction is now on LinkedIn. In a …