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LinkedIn Features

Why is It Important to Ask for a LinkedIn Recommendation? Check Оut 6 Perfect Opportunities to Seek One

In the professional world, trust is crucial. In today’s competitive landscape, demonstrating your capabilities and possessing specific skills and qualities are essential. However, proving these attributes at first glance can be challenging. That’s where feedback comes in – it builds trust and provides tangible proof of your abilities. Who wouldn’t desire such credibility to enhance …

LinkedIn Features

How Microsoft Supercharged LinkedIn’s Growth to Unbelievable Heights?

LinkedIn, the leading professional platform of the 21st century, has experienced remarkable growth since its acquisition by Microsoft in 2016. Initially averaging a growth of 50-60 million users per year, LinkedIn’s user base surged to 80-100 million annually post-acquisition. Microsoft’s strategic integration of LinkedIn with its productivity tools, such as Office 365 and Dynamics 365, enhanced professional interactions and workflows. Investments in LinkedIn Learning transformed the platform into a hub for continuous professional development. Additionally, Microsoft’s infusion of AI and data analytics capabilities personalized user experiences, while global expansion and infrastructure improvements through Azure boosted LinkedIn’s performance and reliability. These thoughtful enhancements have propelled LinkedIn to unprecedented heights, solidifying its position as an indispensable professional network.

LinkedIn Features

LinkedLetter #125: LinkedIn’s Tik-Tok Ambitions, Dynamic UTMs, Increased Engagement, and User Sentiment on Gaming

Welcome to the latest issue of LinkedLetter, your premier source for all the latest news and developments around the professional network LinkedIn. In this edition, we present a number of exciting updates ranging from the potential inclusion of a video feed feature to the introduction of dynamic UTMs to LinkedIn Ads. Moreover, we delve into …

LinkedIn Features

LinkedIn’s Collaborative Articles: Elevating Your Expertise In a New Light

In a recent surge of innovation, LinkedIn has revamped its Collaborative Articles feature, transforming it into the platform’s fastest-growing traffic driver. Introduced earlier this year, Collaborative Articles employ AI-generated prompts, inviting specific LinkedIn users to share their specialized insights on chosen topics. Boasting over a million expert contributions to date, this feature not only facilitates …

LinkedIn Features

LinkedLetter #103: Quick Mode, New Ways to Verify Identity and Workplace, Top Companies List for 2023 and More

The LinkedLetter is here with the latest updates from LinkedIn! Learn about the newly introduced Quick Mode, which simplifies the campaign creation process for new advertisers by offering popular objectives, ad formats, and features. LinkedIn is also introducing three new ways to verify identity and workplace, with the aim of increasing trust and authenticity on …