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LinkedLetter #121: CY24 Q1 Report, Handy New Features for Job Seekers, Sponsored Articles and Changing Lookalike Audiences

In today’s world, continuous improvement has become even more crucial, particularly on business platforms like LinkedIn, where creating personal brands is more important than ever. The team behind LinkedIn understands how important it is to get better every day, and that is why they are always trying to implement new tools while making it easier …


LinkedLetter #118: The Workplace Trends of 2024, LinkedIn’s AI Insights, TOP MBA Schools and More

Let’s go on a journey into the heart of the evolving work landscape with LinkedIn as your trusted companion. Picture a world where Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) sparks career transformations, Collaborative Articles weave insights from diverse minds, and pursuing an MBA becomes a pathway to professional excellence. As we navigate these realms together, let’s uncover …


LinkedLetter #117: New Sales Navigator Upgrades, Saying ‘Goodbye’ to Carousels, and LinkedIn’s Bizzare Marketing Campaign

In this issue of our LinkedLetter, we’ve sifted through the digital treasure trove to bring you a two-week roundup that’s hotter than a cup of coffee on a Monday morning! Over the past fortnight, LinkedIn has rolled out game-changing features and mind-blowing updates. While reading this article, you will discover how these changes can elevate …


LinkedLetter #116: Unraveling LinkedIn’s Latest Updates: Microsoft’s Strong Q1, Top Choice Jobs, Collaborative Articles Revolution, and Spooky Workplace Haunts

The fall season is finally here, and besides watching Harry Potter, we are super excited to get cozy and dive deeper into LinkedIn business affairs. This issue is about some of the most intriguing news around the platform, some of which are the new Microsoft Report FY 24 Q1, the new “Top Choice” application option, …


LinkedLetter #114: Top-Performing Startups, New Perspectives for Healthacare Marketers and New Accessibility Features with Microsoft 

Welcome to the newest edition of the LinkedLetter, where we keep you updated with the latest affairs around LinkedIn. So what’s new? To begin with, a list of top performing startup companies, new prospective for healthcare marketers and some new accessibility features with Microsoft collaboration. Sounds intriguing? Keep reading yo find out more. In the …