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LinkedLetter #127: LinkedIn Unveils New Gaming Experience and Sales Insights with HubSpot Integration and a Joint Microsoft Report on AI at Work

Welcome to the latest edition of the LinkedLetter, your go-to source for all the latest updates and insights on the world’s leading professional social media platform, LinkedIn. In today’s feature, we will be discussing some new exciting developments, including the introduction of LinkedIn Games, the integration of LinkedIn with HubSpot’s Smart CRM, and a Report …


LinkedLetter #126: LinkedIn Offers New Features for Company Pages and HR Professionals, Talks About AI Possibilities, and Reveals Top Companies

Welcome to the latest issue of LinkedLetter, your premier source for all the latest news and developments around the professional network LinkedIn. In this edition, we bring you the Top 50 Best Companies to work for in the USA, new features such as Premium Company Pages, and the Certified Recruiter Badge, and also LinkedIn’s take …


LinkedLetter #124: LinkedIn’s Gaming Plans, Thought Leader Ads Update, AI Integrations and Collaborative Articles Experiment

Welcome to the latest issue of LinkedLetter, your premier source for staying updated on the cutting-edge developments within the professional networking sphere of LinkedIn. In this edition, we delve into an array of exciting updates ranging from the integration of engaging games into the platform, to the global rollout of thought leader ads for non-employees. …


LinkedLetter #123: LinkedIn’s Newsletter Push, Premium Subscription Highlights And B2B Thought Leadership

Welcome to the latest issue of LinkedLetter, where we bring you the newest developments from the forefront of professional networking on LinkedIn. In this edition, we’re excited to unveil groundbreaking advancements that promise to elevate your LinkedIn experience and enhance your personal brand. From further insights on LinkedIn’s Newsletter game to the first Premium Ad …

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LinkedLetter #121: CY24 Q1 Report, Handy New Features for Job Seekers, Sponsored Articles and Changing Lookalike Audiences

In today’s world, continuous improvement has become even more crucial, particularly on business platforms like LinkedIn, where creating personal brands is more important than ever. The team behind LinkedIn understands how important it is to get better every day, and that is why they are always trying to implement new tools while making it easier …


LinkedLetter #118: The Workplace Trends of 2024, LinkedIn’s AI Insights, TOP MBA Schools and More

Let’s go on a journey into the heart of the evolving work landscape with LinkedIn as your trusted companion. Picture a world where Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) sparks career transformations, Collaborative Articles weave insights from diverse minds, and pursuing an MBA becomes a pathway to professional excellence. As we navigate these realms together, let’s uncover …


LinkedLetter #117: New Sales Navigator Upgrades, Saying ‘Goodbye’ to Carousels, and LinkedIn’s Bizzare Marketing Campaign

In this issue of our LinkedLetter, we’ve sifted through the digital treasure trove to bring you a two-week roundup that’s hotter than a cup of coffee on a Monday morning! Over the past fortnight, LinkedIn has rolled out game-changing features and mind-blowing updates. While reading this article, you will discover how these changes can elevate …