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LinkedIn is offering new ways for businesses to make the best use of the platform, as well as AI-powered tools that will assist premium users, especially those seeking jobs. Discover how to optimize your presence on the platform and get the best of it using all AI solutions in the latest edition of our LinkedLetter below.

LinkedIn Looking to Assist Businesses with New Premium Offerings 

Building a LinkedIn marketing strategy for a small business can be challenging and that’s why the platform is looking to help small to medium businesses (SMBs) optimize their company pages by offering them to go Premium.  Growth, brand building, customer acquisition, and hiring are some of the main fields the focus falls on. 

By using Premium Company pages SMBs will be able to do better with the following: 

  • Client Attraction and Conversion: Via the creation of custom call-to-action buttons to generate leads.
  • Prospect Growth: There will be an auto-invite feature for engaging individuals.
  • Visitor Insights: Admins will be able to see who visited their Page.
  • Credibility Building: You will be able to showcase awards, certifications, testimonials, and a gold “IN” badge. 
  • AI-Powered Content: There will be access to an AI writing assistant for creating posts.

Source: LinkedIn

Except for special features for their LinkedIn business profile, there will also be a number of additional benefits: $500 ad credits on LinkedIn, free access to Dropbox, Microsoft 365, GoDaddy, and Hootsuite for 3 months, and discounts on Intuit QuickBooks and MixPanel A/B testing. 

Noting the importance of human connection and how AI can help with task optimization and making more time for it LinkedIn has continued to enhance its Premium Business offering adding the following.

  • Service Showcase: Rich media and reviews in a dedicated section.
  • Lead Generation: Custom “Request Services” button and broader reach to potential clients.
  • Profile Visibility: Featured placements for enhanced discoverability.
  • AI-Assisted Communication: Unlimited search, custom invites, InMail, and AI help in drafting and editing messages.

If you want to improve your LinkedIn B2B marketing game and have the best possible business profile then you should definitely consider making use of Premium.

LinkedIn is Now Helping All Job Seekers with Powerful AI Tools

LinkedIn has unveiled new AI-driven tools exclusively for Premium subscribers worldwide, which aim to revolutionize the job search experience and CV customization. Among these innovations is a natural language job search feature, allowing users to effortlessly find specific roles such as “remote LinkedIn marketing jobs in Detroit paying at least $110,000”. This tool simplifies job searching by leveraging AI to understand and respond to user queries effectively.

Credit: Techloy & LinkedIn

Additionally, users can now upload resumes for personalized feedback adapted to specific job applications. This feature helps refine resumes based on AI-driven insights, optimizing them for greater impact in the competitive job market. Moreover, LinkedIn’s AI-powered cover letter creation tool enables users to craft compelling cover letters from scratch, tailored to each job application.

Beyond job search enhancements, LinkedIn is testing AI personas that simulate conversations with industry experts, offering personalized business insights. These innovations underscore LinkedIn’s commitment to leveraging AI to enhance user interactions and professional development. With upcoming improvements in search capabilities driven by generative AI, LinkedIn aims to empower its global user base of over 1 billion professionals with smarter, more insightful tools for career advancement and networking.

It’s no surprise that LinkedIn is leaning into the use of Artificial Intelligence, as the platform noted an increase in revenue since its integration.  All these tools, which are currently available only to premium subscribers, can be found under the #OpentoWork.

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