LinkedLetter 57

We invite you to go to the dark side. Star Wars? Oh no. Welcome to LinkedIn’s new display functionality – Dark Mode! We will pay special attention to it, how to choose with whom to compete directly in your LinkedIn pages, as well as the ability of every admin to write articles and more, and more. Let’s go to the dark side ..

Dark Mode came as a surprise on Monday morning, with some profiles automatically switching to the new display feature. Two years ago, there was active talk about the transition to a Dark Mode, but we still didn’t see this new functionality. A week ago, the huge giant Google also moved to a new background. The benefits that LinkedIn shares are related to the health of users. According to them, Dark Mode saves the battery of the devices from which it works, texts become easier to read, and does not strain the eyes. We can only say one thing – Welcome to the dark side and may the force be with you! 

LinkedIn pages have a new functionality – the competitor analytics tab. The newest optimization of the Competitors Analytics tab allows you to choose which competing pages to compare with. We hope to see more metrics soon to be included in the new feature to make a deeper analysis. Competitive analysis is now in a separate tab on your page. We expect you to find it useful and share your results with us soon.

Content creators are extremely important to any network. They gather around their communities of followers. As a professional network that is constantly striving to add value to its users, LinkedIn is investing $25 million in the Creator Accelerator Program. The post of Andrei Santalo, who is the global head of community management, announced the news.

The money will be invested in people who like to create content and want to grow in the professional network. Here you can read where and how to apply for the program.

Another new functionality of the pages on LinkedIn, which was announced days ago – every admin can write articles. As early as June, some administrators had the opportunity to write longer posts. Now any admin can write long posts. That’s great!

The functionality will help you engage directly with your audience by providing them with longer value-added materials. This will increase the commitment of your followers to your brand. The more added value you provide, the more engagement you will increase. Try to create interesting and attractive content for your audience. Ask them what they are interested in, show different success stories from your business, and here you can read more about the articles on the LinkedIn pages. We wish you good luck!

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