LinkedIn is rolling out significant changes aimed at improving user experience and platform engagement. Here’s a look at the key updates that could impact how you interact and build relationships on the platform.

LinkedIn to Restrict Targeted Ads in EU Following Complaint Over Sensitive Data Usage

LinkedIn has announced it will no longer permit advertisers to target users based on data collected from their participation in LinkedIn Groups. This decision follows a complaint filed by civil society groups with the European Commission (EC) regarding potential violations of the Digital Services Act (DSA), which sets strict regulations for online content governance and advertiser targeting practices. The DSA, implemented in February, emphasizes algorithmic transparency and restricts the use of sensitive personal data for targeted advertising. Although LinkedIn argued it was in compliance with the DSA, it has opted to eliminate this feature to avoid any perception of misuse and ensure adherence to the regulations.

Source: Yahoo!Finance

Patrick Corrigan, LinkedIn’s VP for legal and digital safety, emphasized that the platform does not support indirect targeting based on sensitive data. Nevertheless, LinkedIn removed the capability for advertisers to create audiences using LinkedIn Group membership data to prevent any misconceptions. This change is effective immediately for all new advertising campaigns. This proactive step aims to resolve the EC’s concerns promptly, particularly as LinkedIn’s parent company, Microsoft, faces other regulatory challenges in Europe. The EC will monitor LinkedIn’s adherence to its public commitment to comply fully with the DSA, which is already impacting regulatory practices across Europe and beyond.

LinkedIn Reduces Link Preview Sizes for Organic Posts

LinkedIn has implemented a change reducing the size of link preview images for organic posts while maintaining larger preview images for sponsored content. This move is part of LinkedIn’s “feed simplification” update aimed at encouraging more native posting on the platform. By making preview images for organic posts significantly smaller, LinkedIn is incentivizing users and brands to pay for sponsored posts to retain larger link previews, which range from 360 x 640 pixels to 2430 x 4320 pixels.

Source: Search Engine Land

Source: Search Engine Land

This change has garnered mixed reactions. LinkedIn states that the smaller organic previews are designed to keep members on the platform and engage with unique commentary. However, some critics argue that this move penalizes professionals who rely on sharing third-party content due to time constraints. Ultimately, the update pushes brands and individuals seeking maximum engagement to consider investing in sponsored posts.

LinkedIn’s New AI Feature to Simplify Your Job Search

LinkedIn has introduced significant updates to enhance user experience by dividing the classic “My Network” tab into two new sections: “Grow” and “Catch Up”. The “Grow” section enables users to explore and follow people, companies, and topics of interest, while the “Catch Up” section provides daily opportunities for interaction, such as congratulating someone on their work anniversary, commenting on posts, or sending personalized messages. These changes are designed to make it easier for users to manage and expand their professional contacts.

Source: Softonic

Additionally, LinkedIn has incorporated AI-powered suggested messages to streamline communication. These messages offer context and tone-based suggestions to help users break the ice, stay connected, or close deals more efficiently. These features, currently in the testing phase, aim to help users maximize their professional networks and foster stronger, long-lasting relationships. LinkedIn plans to continue expanding these options in the future.

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