According to B2B marketers, the past year has been challenging due to tighter budgets and heightened pressure to prove ROI. However, things change, as from the LinkedIn 2024 B2B Marketing Benchmark, we can learn that nearly 9 in 10 B2B marketers feel more and more confident in their ability to drive revenue in the next 12 months. To help marketers achieve their goals, LinkedIn has introduced new tools and AI capabilities, about which you can learn more below.

The Wire Program

With 75% of adults spending up to two hours a day watching short-form video content, the video format seems to have become a powerful engagement tool. With a 45% increase in video uploads on LinkedIn, the platform is testing a new feature that will allow marketers to promote in-stream video ads alongside trusted publisher content.

The Wire Program is now being tested among a limited number of publishers, like Barron’s, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Forbes, LinkedIn News, MarketWatch, NBCUniversal, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal and Yahoo Finance. 

Knowing that people spend more time watching digital videos than traditional TV, using the video format for advertising is expected to bring more revenue and help marketers engage more effectively with their audience.

Expanded AI Capabilities with Accelerate

Last October, LinkedIn began testing Accelerate –  an automated B2B marketing campaign creation experience powered by AI, that recommends campaigns and automatic optimizations to reach the right audience. 

Since its launch, the tool has shown impressive results. Advertisers using Accelerate have created campaigns 15% more efficiently and driven a 52% lower cost per action compared to traditional campaigns. With these results, and the fact that AI is being more and more used in B2B marketing, new Accelerate features will be introduced:

AI Marketing Assistant – this AI assistant provides real-time guidance on campaign creation. When asking questions like “How do I build better ad creatives?”, B2B marketers will be able to get insights and recommendations. The assistant can also perform tasks, such as adjusting your budget or suggesting additional data sources for targeting.

Microsoft Designer Integration – this feature will help marketers tell their brand story with the help of AI. Designer allows you to generate creatives according to your brand needs. You can describe what you’d like to see or upload your own image. Then you can choose among multiple options with varied imagery and text overlays, which can be further customized with your own logos and images.

Enhanced Targeting – thanks to Accelerate, B2B marketers can bring together data, like customer lists or conversions, in order to find people who are more likely to take action with their ad campaign.

Connecting with Buyers to Build Collective Confidence

Effective advertising campaigns are about reaching the right audience and inspiring meaningful conversations. Over the past year, LinkedIn introduced new formats like Live Event Ads and Thought Leader Ads, as well as LinkedIn CTV, which was one of the main topics in one of BookMark’s monthly live events, “Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn”. You can learn more about it and watch the full episode here.

With these features and the latest LinkedIn updates, the future looks brighter for B2B marketers and reaching and engaging with new buyers seems to become easier and more effective.

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