LinkedIn has announced major changes with regards to the Creator mode in an email to those members who use it. The purpose of these changes is to make the mode’s beneficial tools and services available to even more people. After two years of debut and with over 18 million users adopting creator mode, LinkedIn is changing its strategy to enable more users to enhance their professional stories and content.

The creator mode on/off switch that is presently found in the Resources section will be removed in March 2024 – you’ll actually use this mode by default. A major update scheduled for February 2024 is the elimination of profile hashtags, which will simplify and streamline user profiles’ introductory sections for a more concentrated and straightforward experience. The About section will be positioned strategically at the top of user profiles as a result of this adjustment. The purpose of this change is to give visitors a concise and thorough overview of a member’s career path.

This was also one of the topics, that BookMark’s team talked about in the latest episode of “Ask Us Anything About LinkedIn”, which you are most welcome to listen to here. Daria shared her insightful message with the public and we will let you take a quick look at a small part of it:

“My personal opinion is that a lot of people have so far approached the creator mode with a little bit of intimidation, so by having these changes implemented, I think that intimidation will go away and a lot more people will be able to actually get in touch with the useful sides of having creator mode “on”. “ – shared Daria. 

Apart from that, users will have the choice of “Connect” or “Follow” as the main call-to-action (CTA) on their profiles. While “Follow” will continue to be the default CTA, members will have the ability to update and customise their profiles according to their preferred networking sites.

LinkedIn guarantees to its community that members will still have access to the same robust tools and statistics that were first made available in creator mode, even with these modifications. The change is a reflection of LinkedIn’s dedication to improving and growing its platform in response to user feedback, creating a vibrant space where professionals can interact, share, and prosper.

These changes reflect LinkedIn’s ongoing commitment to giving users a smooth and meaningful experience. The modifications are intended to improve user profiles and make it even simpler for professionals to highlight their qualifications, experiences, and material. With its dynamic area for members to share their stories and meaningfully engage with their audience, LinkedIn’s creator mode is set to play a significant part in shaping the future of professional networking.  

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