In the endless realm of professional connections, in which we all live, where pathways connect and opportunities shine bright over the horizon, a LinkedIn Page serves as a company’s digital ambassador, creating the first impression for potential clients, collaborators, and talent. We all wonder – what is the secret to maximising our presence? What are the ways in which we can enhance our performance and drive even more sales?

Alas, if you ask 100 people, you are likely to hear around 100 different opinions on that matter. Nevertheless, there are two elements, which incorporation can be the game-changer… can be your game changer! Adding “Commitments” and “Workspace” is especially crucial in the context of engaging Millennials and representatives of Gen Z. These additions to your LinkedIn Company Page not only will make you even more appealing to your target audiences but can also contribute significantly to the overall reputation on the platform.

If a company page is the painting, you can picture the commitments and the workspace as the brush, which creates all outlines, which adds all vibrant colours and last but not least, adds depth and texture to this narrative. As we all know, the engines of today’s digital age, also known as – the younger generations, seek more than just a product or a service that a company offers. They seek purpose, added values and a sense of community! The aforementioned features provide exactly this – a podium for every company, where we can express our identity beyond boring texts and images nobody cares about. 

So everything sounds great, but how can we implement all of this? Let us help you find out!

Adding Commitments and Workspace to Your LinkedIn Page

1. Access Your LinkedIn Page Admin View:

Log in to your LinkedIn account and navigate to your company’s Page.

2. Edit Your Page:

Once you land in the Admin View, click on the “Edit page” button on the bottom left side. Here, you’ll find the dropdown menu where you can add “Commitments” and “Workspace.”

3. Incorporate Workspace:

Below “Interested talent,” you’ll find the workspace section. This is where you can highlight your company’s physical or virtual workspace. Share behind-the-scenes shots, showcase your flamboyant office culture, or provide insights into your remote work setup. 

4. Add Commitments:

In the “Commitments” section, highlight the core values and goals that define your company. This is a chance to showcase your company culture, commitment to diversity, sustainability initiatives, and other values that resonate with your audiences.

5. Save Changes:

Once you’ve added your commitments and workspace details, be sure to save your changes. Your LinkedIn Page will now reflect the added elements unless you do so.

Why Does Adding Commitments Matters?

The commitments section on every LinkedIn Page serves as the showcase we are all looking for. It reflects the values and societal contributions of a company in the harsh reality. The best part is that it does not really matter what type of commitment your company has – a commitment to sustainability, community engagement, or innovation. All those act as a testament to the principles that guide your organization to development and success.

Additional LinkedIn Tricks to Consider

  • Cultural Showcase – All representatives of the Millenials and Gen Z populations value when you are transparent. This is why the companies that develop the most throughout the years are those that are purpose-driven. Adding relevant commitments allows you to articulate your mission, vision and values, creating deeper connections with your audiences.
  • Talent Magnet – We bet we will all agree on the following thing: Nowadays job seekers are not just looking for a new workplace. They are looking for a company that represents their needs, their goals and their values. Do you know what is the best way to show this? Yes, exactly, add your commitments, so you will be able to attract more talents that resonate with your brand.
  • Community Engagement – Socially aware and responsible brands that support different initiatives create positive associations. Engaging or supporting a cause can lead to conversations that will ignite your brand picture. This can also help you achieve better employee advocacy on LinkedIn

Why Showcasing Workspace is Crucial?

From collaborative areas to employee wellness initiatives, exhibiting your workspace gives potential customers a peek into the company’s core values and is crucial to drawing in Gen Z and Millennial talent. Living in quite a rollercoaster-like 2023, you should also take into consideration the following few factors:

  • Visual Storytelling: We all appreciate visual content. Well, guess what – millennials and Gen Z do it even more! Showcasing your workspace provides a visual representation, giving your audience a picture of your company culture.
  • Remote Work Appeal: Before the pandemic, it was generally neglected, now it is one of the most wanted features in every contract. Why? We can only guess, but due to the rise of remote work, potential clients and employees are interested in the adaptability of your company. Make sure to display your current workspace options, as this communicates your flexibility and ability to work in various work environments.
  • Relatability: Authenticity is key, and that is a fact! Sharing images of your workspace can make your company even more relatable – can you imagine? It will break down the barriers between your brand and your audience. So are you ready to take photos? Because we are! 

As a conclusion, let’s not forget that adding commitments and a workspace to your LinkedIn Page is not just an improvement. It is a move, most of the time a strategic one, that helps you resonate with the values of everyone – your customers, your partners, your employees. Showcasing your company commitments and workspace allows you to transform your presence into a more dynamic one and to make it at least a bit more engaging. We have added our commitments and workspace, but the question is – did you?

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