Do you regularly create content on LinkedIn or is this your goal for the near future? Then you must be a Creator on the professional network. If you are not, you can give it a try by turning your Creator Mode on, located below your main profile information. This role gives you the opportunity to increase your followers, establish your personal brand, build a community and get discovered by potential clients. Here are top 3 features, released last year, that will help you achieve all that in 2023.

1. Updates in Analytics section – Learn more about your audience

With a separate Audience tab you can track your follower growth. In this way you will have a better understanding of how specific conversation topics and visual formats are performing and whether they contribute to your follower growth.

A new Demographics section will show you a breakdown of your follower base by job titles, location, industries, seniority, company size, and company name. This will help you get to know your audience better and provide useful information and solutions according to your followers needs and expectations.

2. Adding link on profiles – Bring more visitors to your website

Displayed below your user name and description, this link could spark more click-throughs from LinkedIn and help you promote an upcoming event or a landing page. You can also add a custom text to the link. The limit is 30 symbols, so use them wisely!

3. Post schedule option – Plan easier

Talking about the right topic at the right time has a key role in your performance on the professional network. With this new feature, you can schedule your posts directly through LinkedIn and it will be published whenever you set it. In this way social management tools won’t be that necessаry, especially if you use LinkedIn as your primary or social network (We recommend this!)

Quick tip Choose five topics you have great expertise in, and plan your content around them. Use polls or other ways to make your audiences share more about their interest and give you good ideas. 

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