Happy New Year! Let it be full of joy and success. We are already looking foр the features and improvements on LinkedIn for this year. However, let’s first take a look at the latest announcements for them at the end of 2022. Keep on reading!

Videos are now more accessible with auto captions. When you upload a video on LinkedIn, you can choose to have captions be automatically generated. You can add them as soon as they’re ready or wait to review them on LinkedIn’s website before they’re published. This will help you save time and reach broader audience. However, you can still choose not to add the suggested captions. Don’t forget that videos on LinkedIn are muted by default and having text on screen will make yours more engaging.

Keep in mind that Auto captions are currently available in English and not other languages and you can edit them only once on the LinkedIn website. Also, for scheduled video posts, auto captions will only be ready to review after your video has been posted. Learn more about your options with auto captions here.

Job post automation will help you reach relevant Page followers. When you turn this feature on, the professional network will automatically share a post about your job listing on your Page’s behalf, helping you increase your reach and grow your applicant pool. The limit is one per day.

After you create a new job, it can take up to 12 hours for the job to be posted on your Page. You can edit the description of the post at any time. This feature is currently rolling out, so it may still not be available for you. Learn more about how to turn on and use the new feature here.

A new feature allows more conversations between companies and users. In 2022 LinkedIn has made it easy for admins to respond as their Page to any post in the feed. Now, the professional network will notify admins if someone replies to their Page’s comment, making it easier to continue the conversation. The news was shared by Eileen Bayer, Product Manager at LinkedIn, in the Page Administrators Group.

LinkedIn shared the top content on the network, that went viral in 2022. On LinkedIn Ads Blog you can find a list of 23 most shared articles, leading to long and productive discussions, which are divided across 5 categories: Adjusting to the New Reality of Remote Work, The Changing State of Work Culture, An Ongoing Pandemic, Empathy & Leadership, Impassioned Opinions From Leaders & Thinkers. See the statistics and get to know the specific topics here. Which one of them were you most interested in?

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