Welcome to the latest issue of LinkedLetter, your premier source for all the latest news and developments around the professional network LinkedIn. In this edition, we bring you the Top 50 Best Companies to work for in the USA, new features such as Premium Company Pages, and the Certified Recruiter Badge, and also LinkedIn’s take on the future of AI in the workforce. 

LinkedIn Company Pages Get a Premium Version 

LinkedIn has started testing a Premium Company Page experience. Costing 99 USD per month, its aim is to maximize page visibility and convert members into followers and clients in a more effective manner. 

Source: LinkedIn

One of the unique features offered is being able to integrate custom CTA (call-to-action) buttons throughout your page. If you have a Premium Company Page you will also have access to improved analytical data such as seeing all the recent visitors to your page and being able to invite all those who have recently engaged with your content. You will also be able to use AI to improve and create content, as well as showcase client testimonials

LinkedIn to Offer Verified Badges for Recruiters  

With job scams becoming an increasing problem LinkedIn plans to roll out a verified “Certified Recruiter” badge. The verification will be based on a company’s subscription to LinkedIn Recruiter and while a global roll out is planned it is not currently available in all countries.

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The VP of Product Managment Oscar Rodriguez shared in front of HR Brew: “Based on our own data and reports from platforms across the internet, we know that posing as a recruiter is a common way bad actors attempt to scam people”. While for him the company is already putting in efforts to single out scammers the new feature will aid the process and up the trust users have when interacting with others on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Talks About the Future of AI 

LinkedIn’s Global Head of Strategic Clients and Talent Solutions Rebecca Schaufer expresses hopes for the possibilities AI can offer us. She discussed the high interest in generative AI among professionals and emphasized the importance for companies to foster AI literacy and skills among their employees.

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Furthermore, she highlighted the transformative potential of AI across industries, reshaping skills and business practices, and underscored the need for proactive adaptation to leverage AI effectively. This was all shared during an exclusive interview with Unleash.

LinkedIn Ranks the Best 50 USA Companies to Work for 

For the 8th year in a row, LinkedIn revealed its Top Companies List. Ranking the best 50 companies to work for in the USA, it placed JPMorgan Chase & Co, Amazon, and Wells Fargo as the 3 most prestigious workplaces. The list is based on LinkedIn data such as promotion rate and skill development. The best ranked this year seem to have one thing in common – investing in employee experience.

Source: LinkedIn

Other notable names on the list include Deloitte, PwC, UnitedHealth Group, AT&T and Verizon. If you’re interested in more midsized corporations LinkedIn has you covered on that front as well with a separate list. You can check them both out here. 

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