Welcome to the latest issue of LinkedLetter, our dearest readers! Get comfortable and enjoy the newest affairs around the number one business platform, Linkedin, as we dive into some surprising new tools, that are going to help us have an even more seamless experience on the platform, while taking care of our personal brands. In today’s article we are going to spill the beans around some new tools, some of them powered by AI, some new upgrades in the way we advertise, and new networking opportunities that we are eager to try. So if all that sounds intriguing, make sure to read the whole article. 

Starting off with job searches, we want to share with you that LinkedIn is transforming the job-search experience. How you may ask, they already did so much! Well, the newest tool is an AI-powered chatbot that will make the difficult task of finding the ideal career fit, much easier. This innovative tool helps premium users assess job advertisements and maximise the impact of their profiles. Using Open AI technology, LinkedIn has created an intuitive user interface where job postings have a glittering emoji indicator, that means AI support is available. Users may connect to the chatbot through a chat window and request advise on industry insights, profile improvements, and job relevance. This revolutionary feature provides guidance and clarity in a competitive market, solving the concerns of job searches. LinkedIn’s target is to make the job search process even more effective and empowering by utilising AI. 

We live in a world where networking is more crucial than ever, having in mind the competitive job market. According to LinkedIn, 85% of professionals are planning a job change in 2024 which raises the need for more intelligent networking solutions. With the understanding that working professionals have limited time, LinkedIn incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to make networking easier than ever. The purpose of introducing new tools is to revolutionize the networking process by increasing speed and efficiency. The Network Tab has been redesigned with two new tabs that make it simple for users to manage connections they already have and find new people to connect with and grow their network. When it comes to facilitating meaningful interactions, the “Catch Up” tab highlights opportunities to reconnect with contacts, while the “Grow” tab uses AI to make personalised recommendations. Furthermore, AI may now be used by Premium customers to generate customized messages, in order to simplify the process of starting a conversation. LinkedIn aims at encouraging meaningful connections among professionals by providing them with advanced networking tools. This will open up new job prospects, client relationships and collaborative ventures in 2024 and beyond. 

LinkedIn’s introduction of Arabic advertisements is a big step forward for Middle Eastern and international advertisers, providing customised options to interact with the varied audience in the region. Marketers may now more effectively interact with 15 million professionals worldwide—13 million of whom are in the MENA region—by using Arabic Language Profile targeting. LinkedIn’s research highlights the significance of genuine interaction by pointing out that engaging with local language material increases engagement by 30%. Prominent MENA advertisers, such as The Saudi Investment Bank, are already effectively utilising Arabic advertisements to establish connections with their target customers. Furthermore, LinkedIn is utilising AI to help marketers by facilitating deeper customer relationships and optimising operations with products like Generative AI. LinkedIn predicts a sharp increase in brand growth as B2B marketing changes, propelled by creative campaigns that connect with consumers on a personal level. LinkedIn’s strategic emphasis on genuine connection and long-term brand creation highlights the company’s dedication to helping marketers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and beyond navigate the dynamic world of digital marketing.

Website Actions, LinkedIn’s newest product, offers B2B marketers a revolutionary way to improve their marketing tactics and automate action monitoring. Understanding customer behaviour on a website has historically been a laborious process that calls for intricate tracking configurations and the manual creation of conversion rules. But LinkedIn makes this process easier with Website Actions. Instead of requiring extra tracking codes, marketers can easily record and measure website actions with the Insight Tag. With the aid of this cutting-edge solution, marketers can now effectively measure the effectiveness of their campaigns, maximise budget allocation based on worthwhile actions, and spearhead stronger retargeting campaigns. Website Actions claims to transform B2B marketing by offering actionable information and producing measurable results, with success stories like Cognism and Bottomline already displaying outstanding results. You can find more details here.

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