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LinkedLetter #112: AI at Work, Password-Free Login, and Enhanced Content Creation

LinkedIn, your go-to hub for in the professional realm, is abuzz with exciting updates that promise to redefine your digital journey. In this intriguing tour, we’ll unravel LinkedIn’s freshest innovations, spanning the fascinating realm of AI’s impact on your career, the ease of password-free access, and turbocharged content creation tools. These changes aren’t just about …


LinkedLetter #105: Demonstrating Skills via Projects, New GenAI Assisted Messages in LinkedIn Recruiter, and A/B Testing in Ad Campaigns

The 105th edition of our LinkedLetter will reveal some exciting features and help you get the best experience on the professional network. LinkedIn has listened to its users and is now enhancing the Projects section in our profiles. New AI feature in Recruiter? We are not surprised at all! LinkedIn has been leveraging AI for …