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In the 70th edition of our weekly LinkedLetter you are going to learn how the tensest topic worldwide – the war in Ukraine, has come to the professional network, about LinkedIn’s debut in the podcasting arena, and as well the launching of the Creator Accelerator program in India. And what is more, you can also read details about the platform’s sponsorship of UEFA Women’s EURO 2022. Want to learn more? Dive deep!

The tensest subject in the past 48 hours – the invasion of Vladimir Putin in Ukraine, has come to LinkedIn fast. Russian forces have unleashed an attack, referred by their government as a “special military operation”, that could spark the biggest war in Europe since 1945. Therefore, the LinkedIn community is showing not only emotional support such as putting the Ukrainian flag next to their profile picture but also financial help. Many people from the surrounding countries are offering shelters, including houses or hotel rooms to Ukrainian people that might need to leave their homes. What is more, The National Bank of Ukraine has opened a special account to raise funds for the Ukrainian Army. 

The podcast industry is flourishing, and LinkedIn wants a piece of the cake. The platform announced the launch of the LinkedIn Podcast Network that features in-house shows aiming at expanding conversation between podcast creators and listeners. It comes as no surprise that the shows are targeted towards a professional audience, as the focus falls on areas such as understanding tech, explaining the hiring process, and managing mental health.

The podcast network is going to be tied up into LinkedIn’s other products, including newsletters, videos, and posts, so the creators and audiences can keep conversations going even outside of the shows. Followers will be able to check out when new episodes are out if they follow the hosts and are subscribed to their newsletters. The podcast will also be available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Reid Hoffman, the co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn, announced in a LinkedIn post, that he will co-host a podcast about personal entrepreneurship called The Start-Up of You. About it, he shares “We will be covering how everyone – not just aspiring founders – should be thinking entrepreneurially these days, and how applying key entrepreneurial principles to your own career will increase your ability to catch and productively ride the waves of change that define our world now”.

LinkedIn brings its Creator Accelerator program to India. After the United States, India is the second-largest market where the platform is about to launch its Creator Accelerator program. The new feature will help 200 creators grow their communities by connecting professionals to beneficial opportunities on the platform. The criteria are based on the professionals’ ability to create unique content, build targeted communities, and create meaningful discussions around professional topics. It represents a ten-week incubator-style initiative program and is part of LinkedIn’s $25 million support to creators globally.

The participants in the program will not only receive a financial grant, but also access to LinkedIn’s Community Management team, educational workshops, rich tools and resources, and mentorship opportunities with popular LinkedIn creators and thought leaders including Ankur Warikoo, Radhika Gupta, Pooja Dhingra, and Nuseir Yassin. You can learn more about it here.

LinkedIn was announced as the latest national sponsor of UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 in the United Kingdom. Other existing partnerships include The LEGO Group, Pandora, and Starling Bank. The tournament, which is the biggest European women’s sports event, will be hosted this summer from the 6th until the 31st of July.

As a sponsor, LinkedIn will spotlight the game of female professionals who have supported one another on their path to career success, inspiring everyone with their stories as it commits to ‘make work work for women.’ The initiative aims to show how LinkedIn’s powerful community can support women to achieve their goals by creating engaging conversations around women’s empowerment and leadership. 

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