It seems that 2023 will be a successful year for LinkedIn and we can see that just from the updates from January. What are new features that will be rolled out soon and what are the latest statistics about the professional network? Check out below!

LinkedIn users are now over 900 million with 3 members signing up every second. These are part of the highlights, considering the professional network, collected in Microsoft’s FY23 Q2 Earnings. It was published last week and shows that when it comes to LinkedIn, skills are the new currency. People are increasingly investing in their skill-building and companies are also turning to a skills-based approach to identify qualified talent.

Also, as members come to the platform to find and share professional knowledge and expertise, newsletter creation was up 10X year-over-year. See LinkedIn’s quarterly product highlights, releases and enhancements in the Q2 FY23 product list here

Discover more newsletters by seeing which newsletters users are subscribed to. LinkedIn will probably make newsletter subscriptions visible to others. According to Matt Navara, the new feature will be rolled out on February 11th. This will be applicable for the current and also futured subscriptions unless you unsubscribe.

As we have mentioned above, users are creating and engaging with even more Newsletters – with this change professionals on the network can find relevant newsletters easily. Companies can also benefit from this new feature – being subscribed to the newsletter will allow employees to bring more subscribers, using their connections.

A list of skills for job descriptions will show what a role entails. The news was announced by Hari Srinivasan, VP of Product at LinkedIn, in his recent post. This may be a good opportunity to make job roles more transferable and give employers more confidence in potential hires. It’s also a great way to give job seekers more options in an ever-changing economy.

Click “add” and you’ll be able to show how you developed that skill (linking to an experience, certificate, patent, and more), giving hirers more confidence you can really do this job. It is expected that this feature will be available. It is expected that the feature will be available both for Desktop and Mobile version by the end of this week.

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