LinkedIn Newsletters make users more engaged and keen to come back to the platform – the 1.3M million daily readers prove that. And just when we thought there was not so much to be introduced in the upcoming weeks, LinkedIn surprised us again. The professional network has worked on some updates – check them below.

Redesigned publishing interface

If you have a newsletter, then maybe you’ve experienced some trouble, putting the different parts of the content in place and preparing the right visuals in advance. The professional network has recognized this issue and made sure to provide a smoother publishing experience. Now authors can format, layout, and embed multimedia when constructing their newsletters. SEO title and description for every newsletter edition can also be added.

Source: Keren

One creator – multiple newsletters

Creators are now allowed to have not just 1, but up to 5 newsletters under their profile or the page they manage. This will help them attract professionals from different industries and share more aspects of their expertise, especially if they really have something valuable to bring to the table. Although this seems like something that you can experiment with, we recommend you think of your Newsletter strategy first and not create multiple newsletters right away, just because you are able to do that.

Newsletter subscribers bring new followers

When users follow a creator or a page, they receive a notification with an invitation to subscribe to their newsletter. Now we see a kind of reversed process. When a member subscribes to a newsletter, they will automatically follow the LinkedIn profile or page of the author. In this way, creators can attract more users to join their audience. So this is one more reason to invest in creating and maintaining this type of engaging series on the professional network!

Source: Keren Baruch

These features were announced by Keren Baruch, Director of Product at LinkedIn. Take a look at her article and explore more details and benefits of the new features. 

From the moment they were created and later constantly improved, LinkedIn Newsletters, both for Pages and Creators, seem to increase their popularity day by day.  It looks like this type of content won’t go out of style and we can see why. This is your way to stand out on the professional network, where your skills, knowledge and advice are what really matters.

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