Our weekly digest LinkedLetter is here with its 46th edition! It highlights the most interesting news about the professional network. Within the past week, they refer to the first TV ad campaign since the beginning of the pandemic, LinkedIn’s Economic Graph, the new Reverse Mentoring Program, and the participation of LinkedIn in the initiative Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

On 30th April LinkedIn has launched a TV ad encouraging the public to “step forward, together” amid a wave of job changes and redundancies during the Covid-19 pandemic. The advertisement premiere was in the U.S. last Saturday and it will run for 7 weeks. 

We have already shared this inspirational video in our LinkedLetter #45, which was published on YouTube on May 29th, but if you haven’t checked it yet, you can watch the video ad here:

The main purpose of this creative is to destigmatize unemployment and show the viewers that with small steps everyone can move forward and get closer to the dreamed job!

This week LinkedIn has published its jobs and skills data from LinkedIn’s Economic Graph. It includes data from over 722 Million users worldwide. Now, everyone has the opportunity to choose a 3-month timeframe, region, and industry and then automatically see the data from this selection – aggregated in charts. Through these insights, LinkedIn helps not only business owners but also company creators, policymakers, students, and strivers to be aware of the industry and market trends, and connect them with new opportunities.

If you are interested to see which companies are hiring most intensely, what type of jobs are available, and which are top trending, you can download the data from here.

The Mentoring club has announced that it will be Linkedin’s partner on the Reverse Mentoring Program. During this program, experienced managers will have the possibility to learn from young people, who are students or professional career starters. Suitable only for German speakers, it will involve topics such as social media – but managers can also benefit from input from Gen Z when it comes to starting a new work, employer branding, and corporate culture. 

The young members will not only learn new things but will also get access to LinkedIn Premium for a year to expand their professional knowledge even further and make exciting contacts. If you want to be part of this new initiative, learn how to apply and get more information on The Mentoring Club’s site.

As May is the Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, LinkedIn decided to shed light on AAPI professionals and share their unique stories with the world. Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya, a Multidisciplinary artist and a child of Thai and Indonesian immigrants, is one of the people that take part in the initiative AAPI Heritage Month by creating stickers for LinkedIn Stories. In this way, every member on the platform who wants to celebrate, embrace or stand with the AAPI community, can use them when creating a story on the platform. Follow the hashtags #AAPIHeritageMonth and #ConversationsForChange to help LinkedIn elevate and amplify Asian voices!

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Written by

Roza Shumanova

Roza Shumanova is a third-year student at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ”. Last year she successfully completed the overall Digital Marketing Program at the Software University and is very passionate and motivated to become better in the field of LinkedIn Marketing.