LinkedLetter 61

The 61st edition of our LinkedlLetter comes with two interesting pieces of news. You will also find interesting information on how to make the most of LinkedIn’s offers. Don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, in which we share all the news about LinkedIn. 

The Share Box now appears at the top of your feed as you browse the posts below to constantly remind us that we need to share the information we care about. So far it has not been visualized in this way, and when we wantеd to share a post we went back to the beginning of our feed. The moving of the Share Box is a great new feature because it makes it much easier to share. Here’s a video of the new functionality that you can watch.

LinkedIn offers free online job search and leadership courses, as well as free virtual meetings with professionals. The news was announced by Hari Srinivasan, who is VP of Product on LinkedIn, with a post on his personal profile. In his publication, he shared his reasons for this decision. According to him, there are currently thousands of open positions, but job seekers do not have the necessary skills to take them, to contact an employer, to negotiate the position, to improve their skills. Finding a job turns out to be a serious stressful moment among people. Now, any LinkedIn user who feels lost or in search of work can take advantage of LinkedIn’s offer. There are free hours available to use to consult a professional in the field. 

The goal is for more people to gain knowledge and find a better job for themselves. In the last year, many people have lost their jobs and started looking for new economic opportunities for themselves. LinkedIn Learning has over 16,000 courses, which are made by leading names in the fields of business, marketing, programming, and design. Free courses for career start-up, time management, negotiation, soft skills, and leadership will be open until November 30. 

Here are some of the free courses:

All you have to do to access the courses is log into your account. You can read more here.  

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