New Design For LinkedIn Pages Is Coming To You Soon

Earlier this week, during a Zoom meeting, I noticed a tiny change in the LinkedIn Page of a partner company of ours. The vertical menu that we are all used to see in the left sidebar was now flipped and placed as a classical horizontal navigation bar. Oh, new view maybe? Nothing could be confirmed… until today.

It appears that LinkedIn are testing new design for Pages (formerly Company Pages) and the position of the menu is one of the major changes. We could probably consider this as a next step after the recently announced new Admin roles that are gradually rolling out and the forthcoming Product review feature for brands.

Yet the main news is the renamped Home tab that currently looks more like a hub, rather than the feed we all know well. When visiting the Page, users see short intro from the About section, Funding and Products info (if there are any), recently posted Videos – nothing new so far…

But here comes the surprise: all posts are hidden from the Home tab and all we see is the last 5 of them. So it is time for the other change – new Posts tab is included and that’s where visitors can find all recent content from the respective brand.

Personal Note: Not sure why LinkedIn believe it is a good move from UX point of view since this adds one more step before the content is displayed. But it is definitely an interesting and coherent approach – adding another mobile-like experience on Desktop after the Document format that was launched in April 2019.

The right sidebar remains – with the Affiliated Pages and Pages people also viewed modules plus the newly added Connections that work here block.

Slide right-left to see our Before-After gallery and experience the new LinkedIn Pages view.

And if you’re still curious what the new Posts tab would look like, please:

All changes are obviously coming to all users in the next weeks so stay tuned. And we’d love to learn what you think in the comments below.

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Alexander Krastev

Alexander Krastev has been developing successful communication channels in the online realm for over 14 years. Since the end of 2017 he has been leading the BookMark Agency.
Founder and news editor at the biggest online media for books and reading in Bulgaria - the multi-award winning website He has also been giving lectures on LinkedIn at New Bulgarian University and SoftUni, Sofia. He has consulted the Bulgarian translations for several business books, among which “Creative Selection” by Ken Kocienda, “Guerrilla Marketing” by Jay Conrad Levinson, “Creative Genius” by Peter Fisk, “Social BOOM!” by Jeffrey Gitomer.