This week’s edition of our LinkedLetter starts with the latest LinkedIn Story feature – Swipe-Up Links and the opportunities that come with it. New learning courses are now available with LinkedIn Marketing Labs – a brand new e-learning platform. Meanwhile, LinkedIn launches its first-ever LinkedIn for Jobs Bootcamp with advice from top business experts.

LinkedIn has launched the option to add links into LinkedIn Stories for LinkedIn Pages and all members who have at least 5,000 connections or followers and the Follow button as the primary action on their profile (instead of Connect).

The new option enables users to add a ‘See more’ prompt to their LinkedIn Stories, where they can add a URL via the new ‘link’ icon. Similar to Instagram Stories, the Story’s viewers are now able to swipe up and follow the link. Before sharing the link, users can modify or see a preview of it. Insights from the Story include information about the number of clicks on the link.

The new option is very helpful for marketers and LinkedIn influencers, allowing them to advertise products and produce quality content, and also provides members with enriched LinkedIn experience. With the new features to LinkedIn Stories new challenges for the creators come. In order to have a better understanding of what you can do and what you should avoid, read the article, entitled “LinkedIn Stories: The 3 Deadly Sins You Should Avoid”.

LinkedIn also explores new opportunities for Page admins by adding more invitations. As we know, every Page is granted monthly invitation credits which are shared across all Admins of the Page. LinkedIn Teams is now testing extended limits for invitations with some pages being granted 200 or even 250. 

LinkedIn has rolled out a new Marketing Labs training platform for marketers. LinkedIn Marketing Labs consist of many marketing courses, specially curated by in-house experts to serve every marketer’s necessity. Users can choose Basic or Intermediate courses, designed to help them better understand marketing on LinkedIn.

The platform will help marketers make the best out of LinkedIn advertising, covering all the basics of LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager as well as LinkedIn marketing strategies. It is also equipped with pre-course self-assessments to test the users and recommend them the best learning path. LinkedIn promises to continue expanding the platform with more information and more tools available for e-learners. 

Find out more about the initial course offerings and LinkedIn Marketing Labs in Rene Lowe’s article.   

LinkedIn launches its first-ever LinkedIn for Jobs Bootcamp in order to help job seekers make 2021 the year of their career. 

“Job seeking can be a long-drawn process, so it’s key to break it down into simple steps that you can execute and seek advice from your community”, says LinkedIn Career Expert Shiva Kumar

The Job Bootcamp series will start on Monday, January 18, and will continue for five consecutive days. Every episode will go live at 12 p.m. AEDT on LinkedIn News Australia. The series will have all star lectures and special guests from Canva, Telstra, Woolworths Group, Adore Beauty, and participants are encouraged to ask questions. Read more in Cayla Dengate’s article

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