December is yet another eventful month for the BookMark’s team! Over the last two weeks, Alexander Krastev and Tedy Rafailova led 2 two-day digital marketing training sessions in Vidin and Vratsa and a 2-day LinkedIn training course. In the meantime, our Podcast “BookMark presents…” is gaining more recognition and the anticipation for the next episodes is evident! Our B2B Instagram expert Tedy also had time to participate in Bulgarian National Radio’s DGtech podcast, sharing insights about the platform. This week’s BookMark events will conclude with Sofia and Tedy joining forces for a charity event. But first… let’s see the most exciting news from LinkedIn in LinkedLetter 64! 

Hire a person – the mission is possible and even easy on LinkedIn. Up until now, every person who decided to hire a new employee had the opportunity to frame a profile photo with the hashtag #hiring to give a clear indication that this person is looking for a new one. But LinkedIn is determined to make hiring even easier on the platform. Now anyone who uploads a job post will have the option to send a notification to selected contacts they deem relevant to that post. When contacts see this notice, they will be able to recommend a candidate or, if the job has their requirements, can apply. According to LinkedIn, this is an opportunity to get help from people who are in your network. This could also bring you closer to your contacts. 

The news was shared by Hari Srinivasan, who is VP of Product at LinkedIn. 

We share with you an example of how you can share the job posting or recommend a person. The new feature is available for all countries. 

What are the predictions of LinkedIn experts about the future of the work environment in 2022? The professional network shared an insightful collection of perspectives, reports, and resources related to the work environment of tomorrow. Find the texts by Scott Olster, LinkedIn News Editor; Dan Shapero, LinkedIn Chief Operating Officer; Alyssa Merwin Henderson, LinkedIn VP of Sales Solutions;  Mark Lobosco, LinkedIn VP of Talent Solutions; Geoff Belknap, LinkedIn Chief Security Officer, and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions – here.

LinkedIn has made a major investment in Silicon Valley by buying two large buildings and leasing another office building. According to experts, this will lead to the creation of nearly 2,900 new jobs. LinkedIn paid $122.8 million for these deals. According to official information, the deal was finalized on December 3. The new buildings are expected to be ready for operation at the end of 2023. You can read detailed information about them here

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