New features, green talents on the network and support for Ukraine – our new LinkedLetter has it all. This time we have prepared the most interesting news from the past fortnight since there is a lot to be shared about the professional network. Do you want to know more about the new spotlight on LinkedIn Recruiter, the results of the UK Green Skills Report, or how LinkedIn will help the Ukrainian refugees? Keep on reading.

LinkedIn created a $1 million fund for Ukrainian refugees. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion in Ukraine Europe is trying to help the affected people by offering shelters, donating goods and money. Now LinkedIn is taking actions to keep its members informed about the situation and gives Ukrainians a hand during these hard times.  

LinkedIn’s CEO Ryan Roslansky has announced that the professional network would financially support the Ukrainian refugees by creating a $1 million Refugee Fund. Advertising grants for nonprofits will also be provided to help them reach out to people, who want to help. Besides that, LinkedIn’s team of editors works on collecting 24/7 news from trusted sources, shared on the LinkedIn Homepage and News page to prevent the spread of misinformation. “We join so many others in calling for the restoration of peace and are continuing to monitor how we can support the people impacted by this war”, said Roslansky.

New Spotlight in LinkedIn Recruiter makes your skills stand out. Spotlights is a LinkedIn feature that uses AI technology to help recruiters narrow down their search, and identify the candidates that are most likely to engage with them. A new spotlight was introduced that allows recruiters to find potential employees, who have similar skills to already saved candidates. This is beneficial for both sides because recruiters can easily find people who have the skills they have already been looking for. At the same time, professionals can use their skills to present themselves better and go on top of the list with the best candidates.It’s a big step in translating the world from credentials to skills, said Hari Srinivasan, Vice President of LinkedIn’s Product Management.

The UK is experiencing a sharp increase in the number of sustainability roles being advertised through LinkedIn, according to the UK Green Skills Report.

Business Green has commented on the report’s result and outlined that there has been rapid growth in green hiring in the UK, with the change in the share of green hires almost double the global average. The report, published by LinkedIn Economic Graph, details how green job growth in the UK accelerated during the pandemic with the share of LinkedIn job postings requiring green skills growing by 12% between 2020 and 2021.
Sue Duke, Vice President and head of global public policy and economic graph at LinkedIn, said the UK’s workforce was“ahead of the curve in making the transition to green”.

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