The new edition of our LinkedLetter focuses on new features for LinkedIn Pages. In the last months, many new tools for creators were introduced, as well as new options for content creating for users on the professional network. Now it’s time for companies to grow their pages and reach out to more people with new features.

New feature for pages allows your company’s post to be featured. Michelle J Raymond, global LinkedIn pages expert, shared the news in a recent post. The activity of your page is essential, especially if you want to bring awareness and reach out to new users on the network. LinkedIn Pages that post weekly have 6 times more followers and grow 5 times faster thant pages that only post monthly.

Now companies are invited to join a competition doing posts in 4 consecutive weeks on their page. Pages that complete the streak will go into the draw to be featured in one of 3 posts that LinkedIn will feature in an email. The feature is still being rolled out, so it’s not available for everyone yet.

“Question of the week” feature for Pages is being tested. Do you want your page to drive more conversations? Soon you may be able to achieve this thanks to a new feature that might be created. Dacheng Zao expained how it will work in his post. When you ask your audience something in a post, you can use a flag, showing that the post is a question. LinkedIn will then trigger a notification to all relevant followers of your Page. In this way you will engage more users not only to follow your page, but also to be active and explore your business by visiting your website or completing a survey.

LinkedIn Announces ‘Talent Connect’ 2022 Conference. The professional network will hold its Talent Connect event in October, where it will showcase a range of expert insights on the state of recruitment, along with LinkedIn-specific trends, updates and more. After a 2-year break due to COVID-19, LinkedIn’s premier event for global leaders and practitioners across the talent lifecycle will be bringing the community together and shaping what the future of work will look like, shared Emily Poague, Vice President of Marketing, LinkedIn Talent Solutions, in her article.

This year’s reimagined event will feature both a virtual broadcast that will be open to all, and an exclusive in-person summit for senior industry leaders. Everyone will be able to watch keynote addresses from an inspiring cast of speakers. Registration for the Talent Connect virtual experience will open soon.

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