Every Friday we take time to share the latest and most important news and insights around the professional network in our weekly digest LinkedLetter. The 38th issue brings great news for LinkedIn Pages and hopes for a new service to help freelancers find more opportunities. But before you catch up with the latest news, read the first article from our new series “LinkedIn for Newbies: What to Post When You Are New on LinkedIn”.

The last couple of days have been a bit unlucky for the LinkedIn team, who had to deal with a technical issue across the platform that was causing certain functional requests to take longer or fail unexpectedly. Errors like this become instant news because of their rarity as LinkedIn continues to rank as the most-trusted social media platform.

This minor difficulty did not stop LinkedIn’s team from introducing new features for LinkedIn Pages to help strengthen professional communities, “and make it easier than ever to foster connection with your employees, customers, partners and brand advocates”.

Adding these new tools for Pages will boost up the organic promotion and help employees connect with their company’s Pages easier. The first addition is a new “My Company” tab, which will include “Recommend” and “Content Suggestions” listings. This will enable businesses to facilitate direct sharing of relevant posts, and increase internal engagement among employees.

“Page admins can now curate organic content through a new “Recommend” tool and suggest trending articles for employees to reshare through “Content Suggestions”. We’ve also added a new Analytics feature that allows you to measure the reach and impact of your employee advocacy program”, says LinkedIn.

You can find more tips on communication with current employees in our article “How to Engage Your Employees on LinkedIn?”.

Lead Generation Forms will be integrated to Product Pages. This free tool will help drive more high-quality leads through pre-filled forms. “When a member clicks on one of your products, their LinkedIn profile information automatically populates an in-app form that they can submit instantly if they want to learn more about your product”, says LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s Product Pages enable businesses to create listings of products and services that they offer for display on their company page. This is not available to all LinkedIn Pages as only B2B software products are able to be listed at this stage – as in the case with Microsoft 👇

LinkedIn also continues to enhance the role of Stories with a “swipe up” feature for all LinkedIn Pages. You can read more about the beneficial effect of LinkedIn stories in our article “5 Ways to Benefit Your Profile Or Brand With LinkedIn Stories”.

LinkedIn is working on a new service called Marketplaces that will enable businesses to find and hire freelancers. The new addition to the platform is supposed to launch in September with a focus in fields like design, marketing, and software development. Marketplaces is expected to replace ProFinder, a longtime LinkedIn feature that lets users post jobs and hire freelancers.

LinkedIn has not officially announced details of this new project, but Matt Faustman, Former CEO of UpCounsel – an online marketplace for legal services, is set to be leading the team developing Marketplaces.

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