Content, content! That is the main focus in the 86th edition of our LinkedLetter. We will tell you more about some new features that will allow you to visually engage your audience and discover people, news and many interesting topics. Keep on reading to find out more!

LinkedIn is rolling out Carousels with swipeable content. About a month ago we shared the news about the upcoming carousel posting option and now it is finally here. The new content format allows you to mix images and videos to help your community learn in a digestible way. From step-by-step advice, to tips and tricks and industry trends, carousels can help you share content in a visually engaging, swipeable format.

We expect that many people will start using carousels and we will see more of them in our Feed. We can’t wait to see how they will change the way member engage with content and join a discussion in the coming months. Would you try this new content format?

You can now use templates for your posts. Do you want your text posts to stand out in the Feed and grab your audience’s attention? There is a easy way to that – with templates built just for you. Head on over to the share box or tap “Post” on mobile, and then tap “Use a template”. You can choose from dozens of customizable backgrounds and fonts. Then, add your own text, and hit “Share.”

Don’t forget that LinkedIn has already make it possible to add clickable links in our posts, so you can also put one onto templates to encourage your audience to take action. Check out the post from Andrei Santalo, LinkedIn’s Head of Community Management, who used a template to gather input from his community on an upcoming discussion. It’s a feature rolling out gradually, so keep calm and wait for it on your profile soon.

New ways to engage in meaningful conversation through Discovery Tab. The professional network keeps finding ways to help us discover relevant news, conversations, and voices from people and organizations we might not otherwise know. In addition to surfacing relevant content in Search, we’ll start seeing recommendations for people we might want to follow, or newsletters we might want to subscribe to.

Also, LinkedIn is starting to test a dedicated space for us to discover trending conversations that align with our interests. We expect that this update will let us explore so many interesting topics, join the communities and follow inspiring people.

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