Getting closer to the end of March and we can describe this month as the AI revolution on LinkedIn. In this LinkedLetter, we will go through two new LinkedIn features – Collaborative articles and AI tools for generating profile copy and job descriptions. 

New addition to LinkedIn’s features are the collaborative articles. These articles enable professionals to contribute their thoughts and insights on specific topics, within a single piece of content. The articles are generated by LinkedIn’s editorial team using AI, and then shared with users who have been identified based on their experience and engagement on the platform. By participating in these collaborative articles, professionals can showcase their knowledge, connect with others in their field, and establish thought leadership. Learn more here

Automated personalised writing suggestions generated by AI can be used to optimise your LinkedIn Profile. The AI will analyse the content on your profile to identify your crucial skills and experiences and provide recommendations for your “About” and “Headline” sections. However, it’s essential to remember that combining the power of AI with human expertise can produce the best results. Therefore, it’s crucial to review and refine all texts to match your writing style. This feature is currently available only to Premium members, and the rollout is being done gradually.

LinkedIn has introduced a new tool that aims to simplify the process of writing job descriptions for employers. The tool claims to make the job of writing descriptions faster and more efficient, while also streamlining the hiring process. All the employer needs to do is to provide essential information regarding the job, such as the job title and company name, and LinkedIn’s tool will automatically generate a description that the hiring manager can then modify as needed.

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